Snake embossed body in woven leather,
With metallic snake head applique.

Leather strap for guitar and bass, made by hand in 100% leather.
Snake embossed body in textured leather, available in red, brown and gray.
With metallic snake head, in nickel or bronze finish.
8-position regulation system.

Available in 3,15 inches Wide.
Lamanta logo in Nickel or old bronze finish depending on the color of the leather.


Handmade product

fully handcrafted in such a way that makes it stand out.

Real leather

Made from top-notch Argentine leather.

Own workshop

Meticulously reviewed by the craftsman in each of their details.

Hand sewing

Made by hand and machine with lock stich seams.

Hand painted

4-layer painting process, with relic made by hand



Made from top-notch  Argentine leather, our product gives you
the comfort and safety you need for your instrument.