Pioneers in the reliquing of leather pieces, we devised the 4-layer painting process to achieve the look and feel of vintage wood.

Made by hand in cowhide leather. It is the middle layer of the tanning process (1.6 mm thick) ensuring resistance without losing flexibility.

First and only straps with painting process, sanding and artisanal wear methods, which are completed with 4 layers of paint and varnish, which added together, give a vintage wood finish similar to instruments that carry a natural wear and tear from use and step of years. Using the best quality imported coloring and varnish materials.

Available in 2.36 inches width.

Lamanta logo in Nickel or old bronze finish depending on the color of the leather.




Made from top-notch  Argentine leather, our product gives you
the comfort and safety you need for your instrument.
Some of our models are classified with a number that makes them unique and collectible.
We are Lamanta