Relic base with 4-layer painting process, custom appliques, exaggeratedly attractive.

Flagship model of lamanta, made 100% in genuine leather, using high quality leathers, handcrafted processes of several layers of paint are applied and subsequent Relic process simulating the wear of old guitars.

3.15 inches width


Handmade product

fully handcrafted in such a way that makes it stand out

Real leather

Made from top-notch Argentine leather

Own workshop

Meticulously reviewed by the craftsman in each of their details.

Hand sewing

Made by hand and machine with lock stich seams.

Hand painted

4-layer painting process, with relic made by hand



Made from top-notch  Argentine leather, our product gives you
the comfort and safety you need for your instrument.
Some of our models are classified with a number that makes them unique and collectible.
We are Lamanta